Biological Name:

Agrostis gigantea (Redtop)

Natural Habitat:

Redtop: This plant is a type of grass that is native to North America, Europe, and Asia, and it typically grows in moist or wet areas such as meadows, fields, and roadsides. It can also be found along the edges of forests and woodlands, and along streams and rivers.


Redtop is a small green weed that is commonly found in gardens and lawns. It has small white flowers and grows in dense clusters. The weed is often mistaken for other plants such as clover or dandelion because it has a similar appearance. It is typically found in areas with moist soil and is often considered a nuisance weed because it can be difficult to remove.

About the author

Samuel is a gardening professional and enthusiast who has spent over 20 years advising homeowners and farm owners on weed identification, prevention and removal. He has an undergraduate degree in plant and soil science from Michigan State University.